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Pixar's 3D scene description language (RIB)


OSL ST Coloration Project​

October 23rd, 2015

Project Overview

This is a project from class VSFX 502 - Programming 3-D Models and Shaders. This page displays the results of a rendered scene done fully in a text editor, without the help of any 3D Software Package like Maya or Houdini.The purpose of this assignment was to learn the basics of Pixar's 3D scene description language (RIB).  We had to model, shade and light a 3D scene directly as a Rib file using a text editor. ​

Final Render Image

Integration of Chinese and Western cultures


Since the ancient times, tea has the indissoluble bond with refined scholars. The aura of tea drinking is related to refined scholars' lifestyle of appreciating natural landscapes and a tranquil life indifferent to fame and wealth. Refining inclination and cultivating virtue with tea shows an internal moral practice of Chinese scholars. This set of Refined Scholar Tea originates from the hometown of Zhu Xi, the greatest Chinese scholar in the 12th century China - Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province and what it reflects is the general style and features of refined scholars' tea drinking in regions at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in the late 19th a century and early 20th century.

Video of Process


Code for Depth of Field


Script Modeling


Modeling with the RIB scripting is very interesting. When you build the model, you need to know the relationship between each part of the code. Then try many time to make a perfect position for the model. It was hard, but we can learn many detail in the rib file.

The Code for Teapot​ --->

The Code for Bowl​ --->

The Code for Cups​ --->

The Code for Chopsticks​ --->

The Code for Base plate​ --->

The Code for Spoon​ --->



The Code for Texture​ --->



The Code for Displacement



I used a HDR as the environment light, and 3 Points light as the key light, fill light and the back light

The Code for Environment Lighting

The Code for 3 Points Lighting



First time to learn RIB script, it is the very cool experience. As a computer science student before, I am glad to write code. Even if RIB script is not a programming language, it still gave me lots of fun. Now I have learned what is going on with the 3D software. It is very helpful for me to understand the principle of this process.​

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